Knowingly Dumb Things I’ve Done

Mindy Kaling is also encouraging me that lists are ok, specifically lists to best express yourself, like the people who carry notecards to confrontations:

Dumb Things I’ve Done, knowing full well and gladly:

– gorge-jumped in Ithaca

– went on any water park water slide ever, especially unclosed

– talked to my boyfriend the way I talk to all my girlfriends

– figured out my crushes’ schedule in college to run into them all the time

– got into a stranger’s car* (*with the cool kids as a less cool kid, so chalking it up to calculated risk)

– sabotage relationships that I didn’t know what else to do with

– peed in public, in a leotard

– flirted with the enemy

– off-roaded, anywhere, but especially the Pine Barrens

– not asked for what I really wanted


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