What’s in a mantra:

I blame it on Mindy Kaling and her book calling out the importance of self-actualization. I can’t help but agree and as a result, I feel the urge to have just about everything in my life well-categorized and punctuated. This is all echoed by Instagram, with inspirational quotes popping up everywhere you land. If I had a nickel for every mason jar holding a rabbit’s foot holding an Honest tea bottle cap…

I get it. Part of my brand is my mantra, my inner light. I went to a Quaker high school, so I’ll go ahead and take some of that mixed in with burritos, HBO zeitgeist, and premium makeup.

If there’s anything my little voice inside me is saying on loop, it’s the below. Otherwise, I’m too erratic on the regular to really tell you how I’m going to feel tomorrow. Some may call this punk rock. Some would deny me for discharge.

-Skimp on pantyhose, not lipstick.

-File your taxes during the Oscars.

-Always stand up for yourself when you tell the truth. Always stand up for yourself.

-Not everyone’s meant for everyone. Finding someone meant for you even if it takes moons.

-Release unhealthy relationships, grudges, and bad habits.

-My job can’t be my hobby. Making homemade lox and limoncello, volunteering, this blog can be my hobbies.


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