You Can’t Buy Loyalty

However, you can hope someone tosses some your way anyway.

Despite initial resistance to being a sucker, I’m a brand harlot. There’s no way around it. Instinctively and without explanation, some brands just hit me where it hurts. So instead of being my dad about it, I’m going to celebrate the brands that, for whatever reason or anti-reason, make me feel warm and fuzzy.


Case study: The irresistibly endearing David’s Tea. Originating in Canada, this shop now has a few locations across Manhattan and Brooklyn, and I’m so glad it does. Notably my first tea crush, I was in deep the first time my roommate offered me a sniff of Birthday Cake (yes, it has jimmies). A few I’m particularly excited for as we take a sharp turn into the cold are Maple Sugar and Yes We Cran, as I sunkiss Strawberry Rhubarb Parfait and Rootbeer Float away until next season. As one may infer, this is not your basic tea. Who hasn’t wanted to be one of those girls who sit around all day getting their feet rubbed while coming up with nail polish names? David’s Tea gives that daydream a run for its sateen green money, especially when deliciousness is implied. The rich, native flavors of The Brazillionaire? The tang of the Main Squeeze? The gold standard of the Queen of Tarts? Give them a click,  just another thing to enjoy about David’s Tea is how on the website, each flavor has a unique display, breathing yet more personality into each tea (my favorite’s Secret Weapon).

Not to mention, if you’ve dismissed online shopping shaming from your coworkers like I have, you’ll love browsing their web specials. Really great deals on adorable teaccessories for which your mom will always cherish you as her favorite.

Don’t take my word for it. Get your fix, and may you find it’s more than tea, it’s a comfort. A drinking buddy.


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