I called out sick today and followed suit with my fail-proof get-well routine. 5 kinds of tea, 4 bulky blankets, 3 party Motrins, 2 pairs of socks, and 1 uncompromising Orange is the New Black binge. Shamefully -and I say that because I’m earnestly trying to cut back- after all that, I wandered into the minefield of post-grad Facebook stalking. Healthy doses are natural, informative. Knowledge is power, right? Well, WordPress, I’m not not obsessive, cucumber-esque as I’d love to imagine myself. I look at exes, and the new girls in their pictures. I look at old friends, and the new friends they’ve made and moved on with. I look at people I graduated with, and the goings on they’ve wound up in. And every so often, I’ll specifically look up one or two people to see what’s new or what’s boring, only to find that my e-ass has been defriended. For a minute I feel betrayed, as if a disproportionate amount of effort was taken to go to my stupid profile and click a stupid button to keep insignificant me out of their insignificant feed for good. Extra insult to injury ensues when I see all of our mutual friends that made the cut. But if I reflect on these defrienders, who they are in my real life, I’m reminded that they’re people with which I’ve disagreed and competed: people I’ve challenged and have been challenged by. Some people who in the moment I would’ve sooner offended on purpose than offered an olive branch; you ask them honestly, they would’ve done the same. Sometimes bygones are bygones and we can all get along in a world inimitable of our own; or we can jump ship and never see those pricks again. Either way, the world keeps spinning. But if you’re like me and quick to get butthurt over these things and have to stop yourself from texting your boyfriend with this incident at the top of Today’s Grievances, remember one thing: “You have enemies? Good. That means you’ve stood up for something, sometime in your life.” Winston Churchill nailed it. Argue about the sound and implication of words. Debate whether or not Miley is racist. Question the thinking of your team. Consider chocolate or vanilla.

You may lose people along the way, but if they can’t stand the differences then they miss out on the overlap.


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