If a Million Years of Jeopardy has Taught Us Anything

what is that questions are paramount? ding ding ding.

At my new job, there are days where I’m terrified to ask anything, wary of inviting counter-questions like “where in the world did you come from?” and “who do we need to fire in light of your hire?” it’s scary, but we have to keep asking. to ask is to learn, and whatever job we find ourselves in, we do our best when learning. let your brain be the sponge it was made to be.

One day when I was sifting through emails, I spotted a response to a question my supersupersupervisor had asked a director in a different department. Without context, the answers didn’t carry much weight, just unmemorable protocol or prattle, who could tell/care. I nearly tuned it out. but just for kicks, I checked out her original email and was taken aback by such thoughtful inquiries, questions that I’d never even think to ask (duh, you’re not a supersupersupervisor, but still, I’m hopeful, and not brain-dead.)  it’s not just the answers, either – it’s the answered.

where’s the bathroom?

what floor has the good coffee?

how many sick days is too many sick days?

what are impressions?

what are GRPs?

what’s the difference between impressions and GRPs?

who coined TGIF?

which Friday is bagel Friday?

what kind of bagel would Einstein eat?



how am I doing?

how can I be better?

what’s next?


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