Step Up

Starting a new job = always an adjustment

Getting good at it = moving a mountain. Surmountable of course, but not without the right attitude, support, and shoes.

And that’s all I got for media math today.

Seriously, whenever I’m having a rough day and feel like I’M NEVER GOING TO GET THIS I try to remember the baby steps. That’s what these all are anyway, right? Steps? I’m not going to be an assistant my whole life, possibly not in this department my whole life, who knows about this company for my whole life. In fact, that’s what keeps me going: the knowing that it’s all taking me somewhere, even on the days when “keep on trudgin'” is a more apropos take.

My personal baby steps get me through, little tokens to reel me back in and remind me I’m making it, something, some “it.”

1) Nailing my shower schedule. Squeeze one in at night and get an invaluable 30 minute snooze bonus in the AM.

2) Taking my morning coffee out to the terrace. Zen out, tune out. The vultures will be there when I’m back to my desk.

3) Remembering to drink water. If I learned anything from college it’s that H20 is the secret to a successful all-nighter. I’ve since traded in all-nighters for early mornings and long days, but the results remain the same. Like my boyfriend endearingly reminds me, “Pee clean.”

4) Painting my nails in the bathroom. *Admitting this may remove me from candidacy shortlists everywhere, but I have to be real with you. I’ve been in a pinch and needed my Mermaid’s Dream fix a day ago. Call it obsessive, but thinking about my cuticle demands for 5 minutes will help me focus on my cubicle demands for the rest of the day. I blame Sheryl’s Sandberg’s exquisite fashionability.

5) Investing in a box of KIND bars for overtime. No happy hour makes for very unhappy hours. Hunger exacerbates this.

6) Reading an article a day that has NOTHING to do with my company.

7) Online shopping and real estate hunting during my lunch break. How do you think these hot lady execs get anything done? Well I don’t know, but I like to think Sheryl Sandberg has some very hip tabs open behind her vortex of important emails.

8) Making friends, or at least a joke that gets someone to laugh.

What are your baby steps? What are the little accomplishments you make every day that help mark your progress?GETINGAME_large


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