what is…

What is creative leadership?

How is one led creatively? How does one take the creative reins of a project and thwart on triumphantly, driving the driven? How are these leaders respected, loved, and admired all at once? What makes such a subjective, cerebral gift translate to a brand of authority and reverence?

I really have no idea.

I don’t know how art can be touched, tampered, mentored, monitored.

I don’t know how someone doesn’t just lock himself in somewhere and take as long as it takes.

How is it not completely disheartening when feedback isn’t just negative, it’s not constructive?

“This just doesn’t work. I just don’t like it.”

Maybe because even when your burning artistic passion is down to a pale flicker, you still blog. you still collage. you still make cards. you still doodle. you still pour macaroni on craft paper. you still scour DaFont. you still jot down a slam poem. you still eye ball. you still free draw. on a napkin. on a bench. on the sidewalk. in your journal. in the Wall Street Journal.

in the margins. around the margins. all over.  erase retrace deface embrace.

Because it feeds you, and you don’t bite the hand that feeds you, much less the beating heart epicenter focal point nerve nest of all that is pulsing holy yours. Yours Yours Yours.

Forbes published an article about a year ago that I stumbled upon when considering the subject. It listed 5 ways to get the most of Creative Leadership, citing demanding work, storytelling, fine-tooth combs, and clear/high expectations.

Definitely, these make sense. But it can’t be left to that, can it?

Maybe Creatives can only be so led because Creatives can’t be created…Creativity is soul, it’s inherent.

How do you harness what you can’t measure? Maybe the smartest executives don’t.

They simply choose wisely and trust thereafter.

Maybe it’s just like love. Hard to sum up, easy to dissect, must be experienced. Beg for mercy, hope for the best, you never know?

I turn to 90s pop for the tough questions.


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