adworld guilt.

Somedays I question what this work means to me.

If all the headline headaches and wordplay word vomit are worth what seems as menial as a Gatorade vs. Powerade differentiation. Sometimes I wonder (and I really wish I didn’t)…who cares? There are real problems, real problems that can be solved with good marketing. I never believed more in my major then when enrolled in a Social and Nonprofit Marketing class, where I was fortunate enough to study cases with low budgets and high stakes. But when there are lawsuits against Fig Newmans for being named dangerously similar to Fig Newtons, I can’t help but think that all these Fig Newhatevers could feed a larger part of the developing world.

Maybe I’m just listening to too much Tom Waits…Chocolate Jesus will make a girl question things. Or maybe I need to go into Development already. Time always tells.

It is my personal dream to see people in my field to seek and commit to causes that resonate with them. Their morals, their ethics, their stories. Literally or figuratively speaking, if they’re majoring in Marketing, minor in Public Policy or African Diaspora or, damn it, Clarinet. Get into nonprofits for arts education and programs. Painting. Encourage people to buy pieces from local artists, and support artistic spaces and initiatives. Water Polo. ….Figure it out! Blaze the trail! Supplement and substantiate yourself with work that matters.

Have an altruistic guide.


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