Heartbreak-Proof Your Email Marketing Campaign!

“Say NO to Friends with Benefits and Get Real Love.”

“What If You Really Could Change Everything?”

“Before You Sleep with Him, Read This.”

These are just a few of the subject titles contained in Rori Raye’s emails to me, and  hundreds of other women who seek solicited  advice from the heart. DISCLAIMER/SELF-CONSCIOUS BACKPEDAL: when I signed up to receive these emails, I figured, “Eh, who’s ever going to know? Not like I’m blogging about it or anything” and now read them aloud with friends for a good laugh or an unfamiliar perspective. Rest assured, you don’t see me unsubscribing.

Rori Raye, a trained relationship coach and former crisis counselor, established her online presence in 2001 with www.havetherelationshipyouwant.com. Catchy, no? Here she posts instructional videos, in-depth articles, testimonials, and glaring cues for her programs with an attached fee. What this means is there’s a freemium for basic love, affection, and feminine power, BUT a premium on super infallible love, affection, and feminine power.

The content in the email is always the same…a “personalized” note to Jennifer, asking if I’ve ever felt a vague emotion ranging from irked to neglected. Before I can stop and think about it, Rori chimes in with a personal story, or a more personal story from one of her converted customers. It’s true: on her website there is a sidebar of customer feedback. Rave reviews. Devoted fan base. Brand loyalists. But this shouldn’t come as a surprise from a woman who is commodifying frequent female gaffes and blunders in romance. Is Rori Raye truly the Feelings Messiah or is there just a staggering market of desperate women?

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 1.28.27 AM

Whatever it is, it works. She informs women of the worst and most frequent mistakes they can make with men, persuades women that she has the answers backed up by experience, and reminds us that happiness is very much within our realm…should we choose Rori’s path. Rori Raye reaches women widespread who encounter no shortage of relationship quandaries. And though she addresses me directly in her letters, she speaks generally enough to relate to women everywhere by raising  issues with which we as heterosexual females all grapple. By doing this, Rori establishes these universal truths and lets us all tread on common ground, vacillating between apprehension and empowerment…but we’re all in it together, ladies.

It’s an interactive experience in that she provides exercises and affirmations in the newsletters for her followers to practice. In addition, she has audio programs, eBooks, explanatory videos, and “love scripts” that engage women, helping them think critically and feel effectively with the guidance of a seasoned coach. She entices users to opt for these extra features by including a checklist of what’s ensured when a woman chooses Rori’s way, the way of pure and transcendental romance. With these calls to action, she guarantees instant satisfaction. More so, she’s underscoring the transaction with humanity; an intangible promise at a tangible price.

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 1.43.28 AM

And when all of this gets stagnant, when we can only take so much of Rori’s “Stop being his flypaper!” and “Be his juice!” she brings in a male perspective, Christian Carter, author of Catch Him & Keep Him and gorgeous Internet face to believe in. By cross-referencing a member of the opposite sex, the very sex we’re trying to capture and tame, our attention is undivided. We’re listening now. Incidentally, Carter’s website  bears striking resemblance to Rori Raye’s from its promotions to its proclamations, but that’s a discussion for another day.

Screen shot 2013-04-12 at 9.29.57 AM

Let’s do a checklist. Below are Constant Contact’s Top 10 Rules for email marketing.

Does Rori abide?

1. Only send e-mail to people who know you
–She only sends emails to those subscribed.
2. Treat e-mail addresses like relationships
-She addresses me as personally as she knows how, then opens a dialogue between us.
3. Send relevant content that has value
–She’s trying to change our lives. New approaches, new tactics, new hope in every newsletter.
4. Engage your audience with content
–We don’t just read Rori Raye, we commit to her words and behaviors.
5. Maximize your delivery rate.
–Every 2-3 days, Rori’s checking in.
6. Don’t share e-mail lists
–Never have I ever been spammed.
7. Set expectations with your recipients
–If she’s giving us direction, she wants us to put it to use. “Try this.” “Practice.” “Sit him down.”
8. Look professional
–The content and layout is streamlined and consistent across platforms.
9. Be ready to respond
–I don’t think anyone would run into trouble reporting a bug or needing a hug.
10. Regularly review campaign results
–Rori, if you’re looking for an evaluation intern, here I am.

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