Coming to a Smartphone Near You

            “There’s an app for that.” A phrase we hear all too often, one that comes with a roll of the eyes and if you’re extra lucky, a snarky early adopter. However, that guy, THAT guy who needs a life way before another software upgrade is in the know, and he has a point. Mobile marketing is the way of the future. How? With all those apps….the mustache app, the peel a banana app, the Justin Bieber Me app. Get ready. If you’re not chugging an e-beer, you’re missing out.

            I visited The Launchpad on Mashable to take a peek at what up-and-coming apps are hitting the market, and there is a scarily beautiful number to choose from. Some of them have very handy distinctions from the App Store’s chart toppers, such as Burst that offers secure, sans social-media photo sharing. A few of my other favorite spinoffs include Hoppit, kindly enabling you to eat emotionally by locating the restaurant right for your mood; and, which allows users to obsess over just the dish and nothing but the dish, instead of the whole establishment. Can you hear me, Yelp? It’s me, your cheap and aspiring competition. Others come out of nowhere with a special niche in mind, including my personal choice, CouchCachet, a poser pocket assistant that helps you, and I quote, “fake an awesome social life online.”

             One that really jumped out to me was Kapture, a location-based iPhone app that gives users the chance to take pictures of their favorite brands’ products and receive rewards in return. Not a bad deal, huh? The app was launched in November 2012 around New York City, with over 300 cafes, boutiques, and other shops in on the fun. The participating businesses set up something of a checklist for users and by completing an optioned task, users earn rewards to redeem immediately, save for later, or re-gift to friends. It’s like an Instagram and Foursquare conveniently tech-crunched into one au courant brand ambassador-building machine. Not only are shops benefitting from ambitious fan photos, but also pulsing word of mouth and trends that suggest possibilities for other channels (for instance, users are urged to upload to the brands’ Facebook and Twitter accounts.) All worlds collide: Kapturists can feel their loyalty paying off while agonizing over the decision between a Hefe or Lo-Fi filter.

A ton of potential exists here, as more brands will want to get on board if and when the app expands. Though still without a business model, the app founders have raised over $1 million in funds and hope to eventually be available for Android, tapping into a whole new community of kiddie connoisseurs. The advertising that may be applied here is inherent; perhaps Kapture will feature certain brands for a small fee, or companies may want to sponsor some screen space, features, or shopper scavenger hunt challenges. The traffic for this app could prove to be immeasurable, between submitting users, browsing users, and affiliated companies.

With Kapture, you can put a price on loyalty…it’s a $5 gift card at your Sunday scone haunt.

Screen shot 2013-03-01 at 8.14.02 AM


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