Good Things Come in Compact LED Contraptions

In a combined effort to share thoughts on the connection between energy and humanity, meet Little Sun. Introduced by Danish-Icelandic artist Olafur Eliasson, the solar-powered product was launched last year at the Venice Architecture Biennale and is being sold for $25 at museum stores; all proceeds enable the device to be sold at a decreased price in poverty-stricken areas where electricity is in sparse supply. Eliasson and engineer/co-developer Frederik Otteson have enlisted the help of international artists and filmmakers spanning from the Middle East to South America to create works that demonstrate the many uses of Little Sun. Through unexpected interpretations and implementations, an intriguing and reflective collection can be found here that speaks to different communities and cultures. Please enjoy and contemplate…the films harness an emotional poignancy that’s lingered for days. While marked by cohesion and complexity necessary for any effective campaign, Little Sun is much more than a cross-platform marketing crusade. Rather, it pools together the resources of aware and ambitious individuals who are channeling their respective visions to a cause often left in the dark.
Eliasson describes his motivations: “This question of energy access is not just about climate issues, green economy, and so on; it is also a more fundamental question: do we understand that all humans have the same basic desires and needs? We all want to be happy, and we are also fundamentally social beings.”  This can easily be applied to all marketing endeavors, in that it takes discovering what people need and how to deliver. Perhaps more than we realize, those answers may be found in our own schema.


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