He Who Laughs Last, Lance Bass.

Recently, I’ve been thinking a bit about the idea of brand ambassadorship: what the role entails, the big gains, and its legitimacy. What exactly does a celebrity -or in this case a celebrity-PACKED- endorsement bring to the table? We’re living in the wake of Justin Timberlake, creative and musical curator for Bud Light Platinum. What does that even mean? How do these new titles affect the company’s operation, and perhaps more importantly, the perception of the audience trying to be reached? Yesterday, AdAge published an article pondering what it is for big-name stars to get big-name titles. While some of these stars are inherently innovative that it may be worth some executive collaboration, companies may be relying far too heavily on -this is my new favorite phenomenon to pick apart, get ready- “borrowed equity.” When too much emphasis is placed on what public notables are saying about your product, less emphasis goes to what the product may actually say for itself. On the other hand, perhaps there’s a greater point of believability when we see these celebrities be more than just a face on a screen and instead a force in the office. Except of course when Alicia Keys, Creative Director for Blackberry, is tweeting away on her, yup you guessed it, iPhone.

But I digress. This advertisement for Miracle Whip, hilariously tagged with “Keep an Open Mouth,” is pure fun. Lance Bass, Susan Boyle, select Village People, and other seemingly grounded part-time spotlight dwellers aren’t taking themselves too seriously. Talk about refreshing. Pepsi may have demigod Beyonce Knowles, but the predictability of employing the chart-topper du jour is stale stale stale.

I’ll take the fun. Yes, FUN. It’s an advertising miracle!


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